6 Benefits of Float Therapy in Madison, WI

While many people wonder what floatation therapy is all about, there are numerous benefits provided by this natural and innovative treatment. In this guide, potential patients will learn more about float therapy and its many advantages.

A Reduction in the Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

What’s more relaxing than the weightless feeling of floating in complete silence with minimal lighting? During sensory deprivation therapy, the patient doesn’t have to focus on their primary senses, which frees the mind to relax, revitalize, and rejuvenate itself. Many people who receive this kind of therapy report a reduction in the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Fewer Tension Headaches

If a person suffers from tension headaches, flotation therapy may be the right treatment to encourage relaxation of the shoulder and neck muscles. With continued treatment, a patient can keep his or her muscles limber and loose, eliminating tension that causes frequent headaches.

Natural Detoxification and Improved Immune Function

When a person enters a flotation pool, they’ll float in water that provides therapeutic benefits to the immune system. Most float pool water has magnesium sulfate added to give the body nutrients that improve immune function while detoxifying at the same time.

Faster Muscle Recovery and Healing

Along with heightened immune function and faster detoxification, the salt water of a float pool stimulates blood flow to the muscles. Lactic acid is known to cause tightness and muscle stiffness, but its levels can be decreased with float therapy. This treatment helps muscles during the repair and recovery phase.

Greater Mental Acuity

With reduced stress and anxiety come improved mental function and clarity. With frequent PTSD float therapy sessions, a person may become more creative, motivated, and positive-thinking as they become more in tune with their body’s own natural rhythms.

Pain Management

If a person suffers pain from a chronic condition or injury, a visit to a float therapy pool can help. The treatment may reduce swelling, decompress the spine, and reduce joint pressure, providing patients with an escape from constant pain.

These are just some of the benefits of float therapy madison wi, and patients are encouraged to discuss other benefits with their healthcare practitioner. Visit the website for more details or call today to schedule a session.

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